My role as a designer

I aim to help your clients and customers understand your world. It starts with me finding out who you are, your goals, and tools you already have in place. We’ll work together to bridge the gap between how they currently see you and who you are trying to become in their eyes. At the end of the day, this is what all designers do. My ultimate goal for us is to enjoy the process – I hope it’s high on your priority list as well.

Partner Journey System Design // Starbucks

Client Need // The career team wanted a visual system to guide their communication with employees – whom they refer to as ‘Partners’ – as they move through their journey at the company.
The Work // Our cross-functional team closely collaborated with the client to develop their visual and communication strategy. At the end, we delivered a complex set of tools that described what it means to be a partner and how to use the ‘Green Thread’ as a consistent visual representation of the Starbucks Partner Journey. This was one of my all-time favorite projects I had the opportunity to work on: highly engaged clients, lots of deep thinking, a complex system, and smart design solutions.
My Role // Work included conceptualizing all design elements, designing entire visual system: main graphic, supporting graphics, visual applications, and creating complete brand guidelines while still connecting to the main Starbucks brand.

Work produced with Touch Worldwide as an employee.

Investor Day 2020 Event and Executive Presentation Design // Kohl’s

Client Need // The goal of the event was to communicate the state of the business and future plans to the investor community while creating excitement for what is to come.
The Work // Right before the pandemic we had the opportunity to work closely with the Kohl’s Investor Relations team and the executive leadership team to create and execute the vision for their investor event. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled last minute in March 2020 with everything ready to go.
My Role // As the senior designer, supported the event from the planning phase through all content creation. Designed the event branding, presentation template and slides, print materials, and managed additional designers.

Work produced with Touch Worldwide as an employee.

Investor Day Executive Presentation and Screen Design // Starbucks

Client Need // The goal of the event was to communicate the state of the business and future plans to the investor community while creating excitement for what is to come.
The Work // Our team collaborated with the communication and event teams to deliver consistent messaging across all presenters and to ensure seamless delivery on the day of the event.
My Role // From start to finish, worked closely with C-level speakers, their support teams and event producers to create presentations, all supporting graphics for speakers, design additional visuals, interstitial content for screens to strengthen event branding and messaging. Provide pre-production and on-site support.

Work produced with Touch Worldwide as a contractor. All examples for this project were created using PowerPoint.

Event Brand Design & Video Art Direction // Russell Reynolds Associates

Client Need // In the midst of the pandemic Russell Reynolds Associates wanted to connect with their employees and present their internal CEO candidates up for election. At the time, they had just launched their new branding, and this was the first event to leverage the new look and feel.
The Work // By the time this event came around, virtual programs were not new, but they were still a challenge to navigate with everybody being used to organizing in-person experiences. Our team worked closely with the RRA marketing and event leads to create the branding, streamline the program, and provide a platform that was different from what everybody was used to.
My Role // Leveraging the RRA brand assets the task included designing an elegant look and feel, a virtual platform interface, and creating storyboards. In addition, art direct motion design and video elements for the live stream program.

Work produced with Touch Worldwide as an employee.

Annual Company Initiative & PowerPoint Template Design // Relievant

Client Need // The team needed a logo and PowerPoint template to go with their new company-wide initiative. The challenge was to connect the new visual to the established company branding.
The Work // This collaboration was seamless as communication with all parties was easy and decisions were made quickly. The final version connects to the Relievant brand identity in multiple ways, including the use of tinted circles to signify a dynamic timeline, bringing focus to the moment in time.
My Role // The usual: come up with options, refine the chosen direction based on feedback, and deliver logo and PowerPoint template files. Done!

Work produced with MWP and Elements Meetings as a contractor.

Performance Series Look & Feel, Merchandising and Apparel Design // ExitSpace Dance

Client Need // Once a year the ExitSpace School of Dance gives the opportunity for dancers of all levels to perform in a professionally produced dance event. They needed to promote the performance, and create brand recognition for school.
The Work // Throughout the years we kept building on the already established brand and used photography of the dance community to highlight continued support and inclusion. Eye catching, dynamic design was used on posters, postcards, apparel and online.
My Role // This project was special and personal as I was a performer in the program for many years. Dancing in these shows gave me the chance to be part of a community, and a space where I could take chances in a safe environment. Being asked to create the design was an honor. On top of that, I had free rein to choose photography, format of all materials, play with layouts, typography, colors, and I got to see the results all over town and my fellow dancers wearing pieces I designed.

Sponsorship Brochure Design // Okta

Client Need // Design an informational brochure for potential sponsors to use as a sales tool.
My Role // Conceptualize, design an easy to follow, clear, elegant prospectus from start to finish.

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